August 2 — Day of Fasting and Prayer


Do you need suggestions to pray for on the Day of Fasting and Prayer? Feel free to use some of these as tracks to run on:

Pray for next week's Sport's Camp in Wilsonville. Pray that young people will clearly hear the good news of Jesus.

Use the Valley of Vision, a collection of prayers from saints of earlier generations. I use it every week to help my prayer vocabulary.

Use this page to pray for our Global Outreach Partners. 

Pray the Lord of the Harvest to send forth workers into his harvest (Matthew 9:38). In addition to the everyday relationships every Christian is involved with, please pray for New Life Church workers:

  • Coffee Cart Coordinator
  • Coffee Cart purchasing coordinator
  • Female group leader at Celebrate Recovery
  • Team leader at monthly Tanner Springs service
  • Bible teacher at Tanner Springs service
  • Jr. High leader for weekly meetings

In addition, please pray for opportunities to open up. We may have the opportunity to host recovery meetings for high school students. Pray there might be other opportunities as well. 

Thank God for his help in our search for an Associate Campus Pastor for the West Linn congregation. We'll introduce him later this week! 

Scott ReavelyComment