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Life groups are central to New Life Church and are the primary places where disciples grow together and apply the Word as they pray for and love one another while engaging their neighbors. There are groups from each campus that meet throughout the week, and all ages are welcome to join in sharing a meal and life together.

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"What makes New Life Church different from other churches?"

New Life Church has some core values that flavor everything we do. They color our worship gatherings and our daily routines; they drive us to start new congregations and to live in intentional community. 


We need the gospel!

A Christian is defined by their ongoing believe in the gospel. The message for an outsider and an insider is the same – God loves you and has done everything necessary to reconcile you to himself. It is important to rehearse this daily in God's word and weekly in our worship gatherings.

We are missionaries!

Jesus has sent us on the extension of his mission. This is our individual responsibility and our corporate concern. We actively encourage people into relationships with people disconnected from God and to do good for the neighborhoods where they live.

We do life together!

Our mutual commitment to Christ leads us to love and value one another. Life groups, meals, hospitality are part of the fabric of New Life Church. There are easier ways to be religious, but no better way to be distinctly Christian.

We serve as a Team!

When we serve together, we do better and Jesus looks most glorious. Serving is a priority. Even Jesus came to serve not to be served. Not only that, we prefer to do it together, each person making their unique contribution.